112th Annual Meeting: Volunteer Honoree Gloria Murman

JFCS will host its 112th Annual Meeting from noon to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 8, at JFCS (5905 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley). At the event we will acknowledge the contributions of dedicated volunteers Elizabeth Lewis and Gloria Murman. To RSVP for the Annual Meeting, click here!

Gloria Murman began volunteering for JFCS around the time she started working for the agency many years ago and has continued her volunteering efforts since retiring – she spoke about these experiences below:

How/why did you start volunteering with JFCS?

I was an employee at JFCS for over 13 years in the Family Life Education and Development departments and as the Hag Sameach assistant – I retired in April 2018. After starting to work at JFCS, I saw how wonderful the organization provided services to its clients and wanted to volunteer to help as much as I could – and include my family as well.

I started volunteering for the Hag Sameach program in 2005. I then decided to volunteer with my husband, Jeff, and my family for the program. It has become an annual tradition to gift wrap, organize family bags and clean up gift wrap the last night of wrapping. My husband and I loved to come to help set up the morning of the JFCS Annual Benefit too. I started calling for prize donations for the Benefit many years ago as well.

What made you want to continue volunteering for the agency over the years?

I knew that the work that JFCS was doing helped thousands of individuals each year and I wanted to give back to the agency for being so fortunate to work there.

What is your favorite part about it?

After retiring, I found that volunteering has helped keep me connected to JFCS in a meaningful way, which made my transition to retirement easier. I even kept doing volunteer activities during the pandemic.

Why is giving back to the community something that’s important to you?

I appreciate all that I have been blessed with over my life and know that volunteering is one way that I can say thank you to my community. I also am a weekly volunteer for Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, Hadassah and the Women Repairing the World Committee of Minneapolis Jewish Federation. I don’t know how I ever had time to work!

Anything else you would like to add?

I look forward to starting to volunteer in person soon and see the wonderful staff in action. JFCS is such a great place to work, donate and especially volunteer. I highly recommend it.