Addiction and Recovery Services

Addiction and Recovery Services support families and individuals who are impacted by Substance Use Disorder and other addictions. Addiction is a family disease and our programs support the family as a whole.  Programming includes education about addiction for diverse audiences, confidential consultations with family members, and referrals to a variety of resources in the Twin Cities and beyond. We work closely with the Professional and Community Education program at JFCS and focus on education, prevention and collaboration to support families and reduce stigma around addiction in all forms. We serve all people, without regard to religious affiliation. Our work is informed by the principles of harm reduction.

Call or email to speak confidentially with one of our trained staff members. Also, reach out to discuss your programming needs or if you have an idea for services that are needed in your community.

Leah Persky, Manager of Professional and Community Education & Addiction and Recovery Services
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Annual Mental Health Education Conference

A collaborative effort to build and strengthen movement in improving mental health access, understanding, and education in the community. This donor funded conference is free and open to all. To donate to the conference, click here. JFCS in partnership with Jewish Family Service of St. Paul hosts the annual conference, with the next conference on October 20, 2024.
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Tabitha Benci DeRango, JFCS Community Conferences Manager
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“Keeping the Spirit Alive” Caregivers Conference

This conference explores education and tools for caregivers supporting a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. This free conference is open for all caregivers, family members, lay leaders, clergy, and professionals and provides practical approaches for caregiving, tactics to take care of the caregiver, plus educational and research updates about dementia. The conference also provides information about community resources that are available. JFCS in partnership with Jewish Family Service of St. Paul hosts the bi-annual conference, with the next conference in the Spring of 2025.
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Tabitha Benci DeRango, JFCS Community Conferences Manager
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Professional and Community Education

Professional and Community Education (PCE) takes JFCS out into the community and brings the community into JFCS through presentations, trainings, workshops, classes, support groups, individual meetings and consultations. The foundations of PCE are collaboration, prevention and education with the goal of promoting individual, family and community well-being and empowerment throughout the lifespan. Customized programming includes topics such as parenting workshops, teacher trainings, addressing interfaith challenges, bullying, grief and loss, supporting caregivers, addressing challenging current events in meaningful ways and building healthy relationships.
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Jewish Youth Mentoring Program

The Jewish Youth Mentoring Program (formerly the Jewish Big Brother/Big Sister Program), is a community-based mentoring program for Jewish-identified youth that is designed to promote positive social-emotional-spiritual development and increase engagement in the Jewish community. Since the program’s inception in 1975, it has matched 400 Jewish youth with mentors. Youth ages 6-12 at time of enrollment are thoughtfully matched with carefully screened and selected volunteer mentors that support them in reaching their goals. Match activities are tailored to individual needs, interests, and abilities. Matches are monitored and supported by professional staff and provide positive role modeling, access to Jewish holidays and events, and the chance to have some fun with a friend.
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ParentChild+ is a free home visiting program that promotes creative ways to learn through play, increases parenting skills and helps children prepare for school.

· Participating families receive free educational books and toys
· Families begin the program when their child is 18 months to 2.5 years old
· Trained early learning specialists work with families in their homes two times a week for two years
· English, Spanish, and Somali speaking early learning specialists available
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We have partner agencies across Minnesota in Cass County (Northland Area Family Service Center) and (Pine River-Backus Family Center), St. Cloud (Promise Neighborhood Central MN), Rice County (Healthy Community Initiative) and Rochester (IMAA).

ParentChild+ Home Based Child Care (HBCC) Model

ParentChild+ HBCC Model is an early learning program for home based child care providers and children in their care.

· Trained early learning specialists visit twice weekly
· Providers receive free books and toys and discover valuable ways to use them in learning activities
· Each child takes home educational books to keep

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Parent Coaching

Parent coaching provides tailored and evidence-based supports for parents who are dealing with a specific issue or concern with their children or family. Parent coaches assist families in creating a plan of action to effectively address the problem in an authentic way. They are not therapists – they do not diagnose conditions. Parent coaching is generally short-term and forward-looking in nature – the goal is to empower and educate parents and provide them with tools for success in just a few meetings. Identifying challenges, goals and developing practical strategies to reach them is at core of parent coaching. Identifying the needs of family members and developing clear communication between them is the foundation of this work.

Parent coaches are experienced professionals and are able to meet with you in person, over the phone, or via video conference. We work with families of any religion, size or shape with children ages 2 through adult children. We are aware that the pandemic has shifted housing patterns and more adult children are living with their parents than ever before. This creates unique challenges and opportunities for families that parent coaching is well-equipped to support your family with. Parent coaching supports the entire family.
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