What’s in a name? ‘Disability’– it really is ok to say the word

white girl covering mouth with hand By Stacey Spencer • JFCS Disability Services Manager How many times have you heard the term “special needs?” You probably have heard it a million times by now. The phrase is used to refer to children, parents, programs and schools – the phrase is used ubiquitously. But is it the best phr[...]

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: December 2022

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper As I write this in mid-December, Minnesota is experiencing its January thaw, and bracing for a bruiser of a snowstorm, all in the scope of a few days. In other words, we’re having a typical Minnesota winter! Chanukah is almost here, and gratefully our JFCS Hag Sameach staff and volunteers have ti[...]

JFCS Staff Q&A: Jewish Youth Mentoring Program Coordinator Dori Gelfman

Dori Gelfman Dori Gelfman was recently named JFCS’ Jewish Youth Mentoring Program (JYMP) Coordinator. The program goes back more than 40 years – Dori spoke about what her goals are for it: Why did the coordinator position appeal to you? This position and this program have a special place in my heart. [...]