A Q&A with JFCS’ new Chief Program Officer Amy Weiss

Amy Weiss

JFCS is excited to announce two new positions to its Executive Leadership Team. Amy Weiss has been named Chief Program Officer and Sheilah Howard has been named Chief HR and Administrative Officer. Weiss, who previously served as JFCS’ Community Services Director, speaks below about why she is excited for her new position. To read an interview with Sheilah Howard, click here!

What are you looking forward to about the Chief Program Officer position?

Weiss: I’ve seen how the programs and services at JFCS are connected and I’m looking forward to building even greater collaboration between our programs, staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners. At JFCS, we look at the whole person – we look for ways to help people sustain healthy relationships, ease suffering, and offer support – and the ripple effect of those efforts on the whole community, beyond that one individual or family. I’m excited to work with an even larger cross section of the staff to see how we can make an even bigger impact.

Having worked at JFCS for many years, what do you enjoy most about the agency?

That is easy – the people! JFCS is so lucky to have staff and volunteers that care deeply about the organization and the work that we do. It shows in the ways volunteers show up and give their time and energy, and the way staff innovate to offer compassionate, caring, professional services to our clients and participants.

Anything else you would like to add?

I came to JFCS because I believed in the mission and felt connected to the work that we do. Six years later, in this new role, I feel this even more deeply and I’m excited to continue my work at JFCS.