Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resources for Clergy

When people are caring for loved ones with memory loss, often the first person they reach out to are clergy members. They are looking for resources to help them provide care, want to talk about their guilt as caregivers, and sometimes are simply frustrated because of the new behaviors their loved ones are experiencing and don’t know where to turn. JFCS provides training to local rabbis and clergy to help caregivers in this position. Below is a list of resources for clergy to use, as well as a link to the training on video.



Ambiguous Loss: Coping with Losing Someone One Memory at a Time
Know the 10 Signs: Early Detection Matters
An Alzheimer’s Caregiver Shares her Family’s Story
What is Cognitive Impairment?
Common Issues that Arise in Alzheimer’s Caregiving
Communication: What counts?
The Primary Goals of Caring for Persons With Memory Loss
How Can Rabbis Assist Family Members of Persons with Dementia?
The Main Psychological Needs of Persons with Dementia
Confronting Alzheimer’s Disease and the Meaning of Tikkun Olam
Normal Brain vs. Alzheimer’s Brain
Old Language vs. New Language in Care of Elders with Memory-Loss: A Collection of Contrasting Quotes
Remaining Abilities in Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease
Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
The Quality of Family Visits with Relatives with Dementia in Nursing Homes
What Goes in First…Goes Out Last
What’s the Difference? Normal Age-Related Changes vs. Alzheimer’s Disease
Why Do We Need to Know the Early Life History of Older Persons with Dementia?

Rabbi’s Sermons

A Yom Kippur Sermon on Alzheimer’s Disease

Eventually Yours — Sacred Aging

Watch the Education Program

Part 1: YouTube | Vimeo

Part 2: YouTube | Vimeo