For Fran, JFCS’ Accompanied Transportation program means no more missed medical appointments

Fran is in her tenth decade, 91, and lives independently in her own home. However, one challenge for her in recent years has been getting to medical appointments due to a lack of transportation and the difficulty navigating large medical centers while walking with a cane. As a result, she missed some important appointments.

However, thanks to JFCS Senior Services’ Accompanied Transportation program, Fran (a pseudonym) doesn’t worry about this anymore. The service offers clients assistance getting to and from medical appointments where staff drivers pick clients up at home, drive to medical appointments, wait at the appointment, and then drive them back home.

“Medical appointments often run late, so having someone waiting to take you home can be helpful, while also offering peace of mind,” said JFCS Senior Services Manager Roni Falck. “Also, medical centers are often very large and difficult to navigate. Accompanied Transportation drivers can help locate individual clinics within a large center.”

Fran’s Accompanied Transportation driver is Jeanne – she always drops Fran at the door of the clinic, parks, and then takes her by the arm as she accompanies her to her doctor’s office. While Fran meets with her doctor, Jeanne waits outside the office and then accompanies her back to the car.

“She is so exceptional,” Fran said about Jeanne. “I can’t believe her kindness, helpfulness, and that she is available. She is with me every step of the way and I so appreciate that.”

In the past, Fran had been referred to other agencies that provided transportation services, but couldn’t afford them due to being on a fixed income; JFCS Senior Services are offered on a sliding-fee scale. Originally, Fran thought she wouldn’t be eligible for JFCS because she wasn’t Jewish, but was thrilled to find out we serve people of all backgrounds.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I never knew there was an organization that cared so much about seniors, the obligations we have, and the money we are living on. I still can’t believe it.”

Fran’s case manager, Clare Gravon, is also setting up JFCS’ Shopping services to provide assistance for Fran as she grocery shops. This service offers clients three stops, so Fran can take care of other errands as well. Fran praised Clare for all the help she provides and said JFCS is truly a blessing.

“I’m living longer than I ever expected I would,” she said. “I didn’t realize how necessary it is for seniors to get this help. To do these things for seniors – I can’t say enough good things about JFCS.”

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