From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: June 2021

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper

Throughout the pandemic, many folks in our community have struggled with food security. Having children home all day, every day, rather than in school, can stress tight family food budgets – especially when the goal is to provide healthy, nutritious food to promote long-term health. Many of our community members also struggled to feed themselves and their families due to loss of wages, and oftentimes, employment.

Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis has focused on food security for many years. Our efforts take place legislatively, where we advocate for greater resources for those who are too often going hungry (young children and older adults, as well as families), and to reduce stigma for those who must rely on help (reducing school lunch shaming for those who qualify for free and reduced-cost lunches). For seniors, our outreach efforts ensure that the low-income elderly are successfully applying for entitlements to address hunger. We also support our local food shelf here in our building, PRISM, promoting the services it offers, encouraging volunteerism, and working in partnership and collaboration.

Our most recent food security endeavor, Food for All, supported by the Stillman Family Foundation, involves sourcing and delivering high-quality, nutritious snacks and meal enhancements to food shelves and other organizations addressing hunger in the metro area. So far, over 30 organizations have received at least two, if not three, large shipments of these foods for distribution to the people and neighborhoods they serve. To date, JFCS has provided 2,300 cases of food to these community-based organizations. At a time when there are more hungry mouths to feed, we are very proud of the help we are offering.

While we all adjust to the “Next Norm,” following the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s remember that for many folks who struggle, it will take a bit longer to recover. JFCS is here to provide food security, employment and career assistance, emergency financial assistance, mental health and counseling, and so much more. Think of JFCS when you have a question or concern for yourself or someone you know. We’ll help with resources and support, and always with boundless compassion and professional care.