Give2017: Generations of Change

By Angie Podvin • Donor Services & Annual Campaign Manager


David and Esther’s (pseudonyms) story begins nearly 30 years ago, when they first turned to JFCS for help. They and their three children were facing chronic homelessness due to their ongoing challenges in maintaining steady jobs. As loving parents, David and Esther did everything possible to provide stability for the family. Working with JFCS staff, the children became involved with the Jewish Big Brother/Big Sister (BB/BS) program, where they had the opportunity to build special friendships and flourish from time spent with Jewish mentors.  Over the years, the family continued to receive support from other JFCS programs, including Hag Sameach (holiday gifts and ritual items) services, counseling support and occasionally emergency financial assistance.


Today, David and Esther’s three children have grown up and are now parents themselves. Each have stable housing and dependable jobs. Given their positive experience and fond memories of JFCS, they are also considering giving their children the same opportunity to become “littles” in the BB/BS program they had.  JFCS program staff attributes this increase in stability to our holistic, highly person-centered care we provided to the whole family.


Recently, the children’s grandmother sadly died unexpectedly and the family once again reached out to JFCS to provide help during this difficult time. Not only had the family suffered the unexpected loss of their grandmother, her son-in-law had been providing her with personal care attendant (PCA) services, and he lost his job as a result.


JFCS staff again worked with the family to provide emergency financial assistance to bridge the gap in lost wages, while the son-in-law looked for new employment. JFCS was also able to negotiate funeral home payments for services that the family could manage and coordinate with the family’s synagogue to ensure all arrangements were in place. The family knew they could rely on continued help and compassion from JFCS throughout this difficult year – and all stages of life.  


For more than a century and through a menu of life-enriching, critically-needed services, staff at JFCS have cared for our community by offering compassionate, holistic support to families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds regardless of their ability to pay for services. JFCS is Here for All. Always.


While our agency’s story began in 1910, it continues to be told from generation to generation through the lens of people like you, your family members, friends and neighbors who have shared with us how JFCS has positively and uniquely shaped their life and the lives of those around them. It is told not only by those who have benefited from the programs and services JFCS provides, but also through the generous contributions of those who make these programs and services possible through their financial support.


To partner with JFCS and make an ongoing difference in our community for years to come, please contribute to our Annual Campaign today by giving online. Your consistent support means that JFCS can continue to welcome those we serve with open hearts and minds, offering help and hope to thousands each year, in ways many never imagined possible. Thank you for this meaningful gift!