Holocaust survivors around the globe, including JFCS clients, will benefit from extended Claims Conference funding

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The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) announced in June the outcomes of their negotiations with the German Federal Ministry of Finance on behalf of Holocaust survivors around the world. It will result in approximately $1.4 billion in direct compensation and social welfare services for survivors globally.

Outcomes of these negotiations include nearly $105.2 million in additional funding for home care programs to address survivors’ increased needs. Additionally, a one-time payment per year to recipients of the Hardship Fund will continue to be paid until 2027. This is impacting more than 128,000 Holocaust survivors globally.

 “Every year these negotiations become more and more critical as this last generation of Holocaust survivors age and their needs increase,” said Greg Schneider, Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference. “Being able to ensure direct payments to survivors, in addition to the expansions to the social welfare services we are able to fund, is essential in making sure every Holocaust survivor is taken care of for as long as it is required, addressing each individual need.”

JFCS’ Holocaust Survivor Support program works closely with survivors to ensure safe, supported and dignified living, and connects them to resources and compensation payment programs. Support is tailored to the individual’s needs and may include:

  • Case management to assess and identify needs and develop a comprehensive care plan
  • Connection to JFCS services, including meals on wheels, transportation, counseling, holiday gifts, shopping and community volunteer support
  • Information and referrals to other community resources, and publicly funded support programs
  • Eligible Holocaust survivors may qualify for homecare services, including housekeeping
    and personal care, compensation payment programs, grocery gifts cards and medical and dental expense reimbursement. The Claims Conference determines eligibility criteria.

Under the Claims Conference’s new negotiations, support will include:

  • Home Care Services: In 2024, $888.9 million will be provided for home care services, including an additional $105.2 million in funding to address survivors’ increased needs 
  • Hardship Fund: More than 128,000 Holocaust survivors will receive a one-time payment under the Hardship Fund, which has been negotiated for 2024 through 2027
  • Holocaust Education: Funding for Holocaust education has been extended for two more years and will increase each year
  • Total compensation: The total amount of direct compensation for survivors, including one-time payments and monthly pensions, is projected to be $535 million for 2024

For more information on JFCS’ Holocaust Survivor Support program, click here or call 952-546-0616. For more information on the Claims Conference, click here.