Jewish Youth Mentoring Program Featured Mentee: Jonah, 15

By Becky Lyle Sulkin • Jewish Youth Mentoring Program Manager

The Jewish Youth Mentoring Program (JYMP) is excited to feature Jonah, a 15-year-old mentee who has been patiently awaiting his perfect mentor. Jonah is an intelligent and adventurous young man who is looking forward to connecting with an adult that will appreciate his maturity and curiosity. “I’m looking for someone to grow and develop with me so I can show them and teach them things I’m interested in,” he stated. Jonah enjoys snowboarding and has a passion for fishing, which he is eager to share with a mentor.

Jonah has ambitious goals for himself and his future. In the short term, he is interested in seeking a part-time job at Hyland Hills or Menards. After high school, he would like to take a gap year to enjoy the outdoors at his family’s lake house, then maybe attend UW Menomonie. Jonah’s passion for helping others—both humans and animals—is evident in his career aspirations. He is interested in exploring careers as a doctor, veterinarian, conservation officer, or prisoners’ rights advocate. His ultimate goals are to “give back to people intellectually,” and “to be able to look back and see the people I have helped.”

Jonah would prefer a young adult mentor, and is open to mentors of all gender identities. His future mentor can expect a great return on their investment of time and effort. As one of his references says, “He’s such a delightful young man. Whoever is matched with him is going to be so gifted with meeting this young man, who is so special.”

Interested in giving mentoring a try, but not sure if you can commit long-term? Consider sharing a Mentoring Moment with Jonah! This new initiative of JYMP pairs waiting mentees with volunteers for one-time activities. Jonah would love to go snowboarding or fishing with you!

If you are interested in mentoring Jonah, please fill out our online mentor application here. If you would like to have a Mentoring Moment with Jonah, please reach out to Program Manager Becky Lyle Sulkin at 952-542-4835 or