JFCS deeply grateful to community for a hugely successful Give2016 campaign

By Angie Podvin • Donor Services & Annual Campaign Manager


With deep gratitude, JFCS Board and Staff would like to thank those who supported Give2016. Through the collective generosity of more than 1,160 Annual Campaign donors, Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis exceeded its goal to raise $600,000! What an incredible feat to achieve and tremendous act of kindness to observe on behalf of the thousands of individuals and families who benefit from the vast menu of quality, life-enriching programs and services provided here each year. It’s inspiring to see first-hand what becomes possible when people with shared values come together in support of our community.


People of all ages and backgrounds, people like you, your neighbors, friends and family members have looked to JFCS as a source of help since 1910, and this wouldn’t be feasible without the help of people like you, your neighbors, friends and family members. The relationship between those who need and those who provide support is infinitely intertwined because at one point or another, we will find ourselves in both positions.


There’s a quote I often reflect on in my work at JFCS. “We give comfort and receive comfort, sometimes at the same time.”  The author is unknown and while simple in its wording, the sentiment articulates the duality of philanthropy – how caring for others is a means of self-care. How those experiencing need can still address the needs of others. While one may encounter a deficit in one area of their life, they may be met with a surplus in another. It matters then, not what we give, but that we give – a message consistently affirmed by Judy Halper, Chief Executive Officer, throughout my time as Annual Campaign Manager.


At the onset of each Campaign, when a financial goal is established through an assessment of ever-increasing needs, we pause to think, how will we get there? It’s a mix of analysis, stats, planning and determination. More than that though, it’s knowing who will help us get there. Whether you’re one of the 600 who made a new or increased gift this year; one of the few hundred who has given consecutively for more than 10 years; one of the 100 for more than 20 years; or one whose circumstances made it possible to give this year after not being able to do so in recent years, we cannot thank you enough. We count on you and hope you know you can count on us.


Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and meaningful 2017!