JFCS introduces beautiful new Tribute Cards

tribute cards

JFCS Tribute Cards are a meaningful way to honor special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or graduations; wish someone a speedy recovery; or a touching way to honor a loved one’s memory. Donations can be made in any amount and you can choose to have the donation go towards a named fund or program, or to be used where most needed. Cards are sent to the person or family you are honoring and include the donor’s name and address, as well as a short description of the fund that was chosen.

JFCS recently introduced new beautiful and colorful Tribute Card designs. Jessie Lu, Development Donor Services Associate, and Alyson (Aly) Hendrix, Development Associate-NextGen Coordinator, spoke about why they are excited about the new designs and the tribute program:

Jessie Lu

What is the purpose of JFCS’ Tribute Cards?

Jessie: They’re an easy way to send a nice card for pretty much any occasion while supporting JFCS and our mission. We love that Tribute Cards also increase JFCS’ presence in the world, getting our name out there and helping people learn about us and the work that we do.

What do you hear from donors on why they like to send them to family and friends?

Aly: Donors are excited to send such meaningful gifts to friends and family members. Many donors hold a special place for JFCS in their hearts – whether they have used our services, are/have been staff members, or are active volunteers. These Tribute Cards showcase something meaningful to them while supporting friends and families in times of need or celebrations.

Alyson Hendrix

JFCS recently redesigned the cards, including adding many new designs – do you think they will be well received?

Jessie: Absolutely! I love these new, colorful cards. I hope that people sending and receiving our Tribute Cards will be excited for the fresh designs and the new variety as well.

How does sending Tribute Cards help JFCS and the community?

Aly: JFCS and our community at large benefit from the monetary donation of sending a Tribute Card – tribute donations make it possible for our programs and services to continue being incredible resources to all who need them. Sending a Tribute Card is also great because it’s a card people receive in the mail – they create connections and let folks know that their loved ones care for them and the broader community that JFCS serves—in times of need and celebration.

Anything else you would like to add?

Jessie: I just want to add that we are so grateful for the success of our Tribute Card program. Thank you so much to everyone who makes tribute gifts and sends Tribute Cards!

Aly: And we are looking forward to the future of our Tribute Card program and hearing feedback about our new designs!

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