JFCS staff participate in volunteer project for MLK Day of Service

ACT Program Manager Laura Gorke was one of several JFCS staff to participate in “Cards for the Community” on Jan. 18 in honor of the MLK Day of Service.

By Dana Shapiro • JFCS Community and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator & Intake Counselor

At JFCS, we believe in Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of serving others, in addition to the Jewish value of “tikkun olam” (Hebrew for “repairing the world”). Each year JFCS staff is invited to participate in a volunteer project in honor of the MLK Day of Service. I wanted to continue this tradition while we’re all working remotely during COVID-19, so the Cards for the Community offering seemed very fitting.

A group of JFCS staff gathered on Zoom on Monday, Jan. 18, to create cards that will be sent to JFCS clients and program participants. This has been a popular volunteer opportunity during the pandemic, with so many people wanting to reach out to those who are isolated. I was glad staff had the opportunity to join in to help send cards to those on our list. We welcome JFCS volunteers of any age to participate in this project. For more information, contact me at dshapiro@jfcsmpls.org or 952-417-2112.

The cards are sent to JFCS clients and program participants as a way to reach out to those who are isolated during the pandemic.

“It was fun to join other JFCS staff as we prepared cards for community members on this MLK Day of Service. It’s one of many ways that JFCS staff and volunteers are supporting and caring for folks.” – Lee Friedman, JFCS Chief Operating Officer

“Helping with the Cards for the Community project was such a fun, relaxing, easy and creative way to volunteer. The pandemic has caused so many people in our community to feel so isolated. I enjoyed the opportunity to create and send meaningful notes to brighten someone’s day and remind them that they matter.” – Laura Gorke, JFCS ACT Program Manager