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Following was the schedule of the day:

9:30 AMCheck-in
Resource Fair opens
10:15 AMOpening Welcome Address
10:30 AMKeynote – Nate Cannon, BA, MFA, CDP
11:30 AMTransition/Break
11:45 AMBreakout Session One: #1-6
12:45 PMLunch
1:30 PMBreakout Session Two: #7-12
2:30 PMTransition/Break
2:45 PMFidgety Fairy Tales: The Mental Health Musicals
3 PMConference ends
All times are CST

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1. Continuing the Conversation
Keynoter Nate Cannon, BA, MFA, CDP

2. Holistic Health and Crisis: Remediation and De-escalation
Mark Anderson

3. DBT: What Is It and How Does It Work?
Daniel Landauer, Ph.D., LP

4. Meaning-Centered Living
Quentin Gabor, MD

5. Pre-Prevention to Combat Teen Suicide
Brittani Senser, MSW, LGSW

6. Navigating Uncertainty: Traversing the Emotional and Social Impact of the Pandemic
Becca Hotchkiss, MSW, LICSW
Mark Kaufman, MSW, LICSW
Michel Rousseau, MSW, LICSW
Samantha Taleff, MSW, LICSW
Ali DeCamillis, MS, ATR-BC, LPCC


7. Families Like Ours (Cancelled)
Rhoda Michaelynn

8. BREATHE-MOVE-REST with Your Inner Resources
Kathy Flaminio, LGSW, MSW, E-RYT-200

9. Reckoning with Opioids in the Land of 10,000 Rehabs
Amy C. Sullivan

10. Healing the Spirit Through Story-Listening
Rabbi Lynn Liberman

11. The Safety Net: How to Help a Person with a Mental Illness Keep Their Assets Safe
Stuart C. Bear

12. Parenting and Well-being: How and Where Does Social Media Fit?
Leah Persky, PhD


The Mental Health Musicals combines familiar stories, great music, and gentle humor to help kids and grown-ups have important conversations about mental health. Performed by talented actors ages 10-18 and created by professional theatre artists Matt Jenson and Marya Hart. Fidgety Fairy Tales is a production of the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health.

Session Handouts


Hennepin County Library Book List


  • Cannon, Nate, keynote speaker. Dying to Hang with the Boys: a Memoir, 2019.
  • Cannon, Nate, keynote speaker. Running on a Mind Rewired: a Memoir, 2012.
  • Flaminio, Kathy. Moving Mountains: An Integrative Manual to Help Youth with Intensity, Reactivity, and Anxiety.   (Not available at the library; available for order online.)
  • Sullivan, Amy C. Opioid Reckoning: Love, Loss, and Redemption in the Rehab State, 2021.
  • Foo, Stephanie. What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma, 2022.
  • Joseph, K.J. Simply Because We Are Human: a Memoir, 2021
  • Perry, Bruce D., M.D., Ph.D. and Winfrey, Oprah. What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing, 2022.
  • Price, Cornelia Verna, Ph.D. The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life, 2015.
  • Price, Cornelia Verna, Ph.D. The Silent Cry: Dealing with Subtractors in Work and Life, 2015.
  • Schaffer, Marjorie A. Journey through the Mental Illness Maze: How Families Find Hope and Acceptance, 2021.
  • Boss, Pauline. The Myth of Closure, 2022.
  • Boss, Pauline. Ambiguous loss: Learning to live with unresolved grief, 1999.


  • Van Dijk, Sheri, MSW. DBT Skills Workbook for Teen Self-Harm: practical tools to help you manage emotions & overcome self-harming behaviors, 2021.
  • Van Dijk, Sheri, MSW. Don’t let your emotions run your life for teens: dialectical behavior therapy skills for helping you manage mood swings, control angry outbursts, and get along with others. 2021.



  • Leder, Jane Mersky. Dead Serious: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Suicide: A Book for Teens, Adults & Educators, 2018.
  • Pacha, Linda. Saving Ourselves from Suicide—Before and After: How to Ask for Help, Recognize Warning Signs, and Navigate Grief, 2019.


  • Dolbear, Emily. What if I’m worried about COVID-19?, 2020.
  • Hertz, Noreena. The Lonely Century: How to Restore Human Connection in a World That’s Pulling Apart, 2021.
  • Huebner, Dawn. Something Bad Happened: A Kid’s Guide to Coping With Events in the News, 2019.
  • Saslow, Eli. Voices From the Pandemic: Americans Tell Their Stories of Crisis, Courage and Resilience, 2021
  • Werth, Teresa Schreiber, ed. Navigating the Pandemic: Stories of Hope and Resilience, 2021.


  • Bryden, Pier, M.D. and Peter Szatmari, M.D. Start Here: A Parent’s Guide to Helping Children and Teens Through Mental Health Challenges, 2020.
  • Cappuccino, Rosie. Talking About BPD: A Stigma-free Guide to Living a Calmer, Happier Life with Borderline Personality Disorder, 2022.
  • Foulkes, Lucy, Ph.D. Losing Our Minds: The Challenge of Defining Mental Illness, 2022.
  • Jensen, Kelly, ed. (Don’t) Call Me Crazy: 33 voices start the conversation about mental health, 2018.
  • Taylor-Klaus, Elaine, PCC, CPCC. The essential guide to raising complex kids with ADHD, anxiety, and more: what parents and teachers really need to know to empower complicated kids with confidence and calm, 2020.
  • Vlock, Deborah. Parenting children with mental health challenges: a guide to life with emotionally complex kids, 2018.


  • Elliott, Mair, ed. From Hurt to Hope: Stories of Mental Health, Mental Illness and Being Autistic, 2022.
  • Schneiderman, Kim. Step Out of Your Story: Writing Exercises to Reframe and Transform Your Life, 2015


  • Farr, Evan H. Protecting your assets from probate and long-term care: don’t let the system bankrupt you and your loved ones, 2017.


  • Durlofsky, Paula, Ph.D. Logged in and stressed out: how social media is affecting your mental health and what you can do about it, 2020.
  • Fisher, Max. The Chaos Machine: the inside story of how social media rewired our minds and our world, 2022.
  • Packer, Alex J., Ph.D. Slaying Digital Dragons: tips and tools for protecting your body, brain, psyche, and thumbs from the digital dark side, 2021.
  • Stedman, Chris. IRL: Finding realness, meaning, and belonging in our digital lives, 2020.


  • Walker, Rheeda. The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health: Navigate an Unequal System, Learn Tools for Emotional Wellness, and Get the Help You Deserve, 2020.
  • Williams, Rebecca E. Ph.D. and Julie S. Kraft. The mindfulness workbook for addiction: a guide to coping with the grief, stress, & anger that trigger addictive behaviors, 2022


  • Free access at www.hclib.org
  • MedLine Plus is National Institute of Health’s National Library of Medicine and is available in English and Spanish. To access: under Browse Online Resources, scroll down to MedLine Plus or Filter by Category to Health and Wellness and scroll down. Once in MedLine, top left menu, choose Health Topics. Middle column Disorders and Conditions click on Mental Health and Behavior.
  • PubMed is a more scholarly collection of articles, also from NLM. See instructions above.
  • You can also search for topics in the Magazines and Newspaper Articles search on the library main page.