Need a ride? Garber Transportation Services is convenient, reliable, client-oriented and personal

JFCS’ Jacob Garber Transportation Services provide a convenient, reliable way for ambulatory adults to get to a doctor’s appointment, friend’s house, grocery store and more. Now that people are getting out of the house more, Program Supervisor Alex Botvinnik spoke about how this service can help individuals in need of transportation.

Alex Botvinnik

What type of rides does Garber Transportation provide?
They can be any type of rides – medical, social, errands, etc. This includes one-time appointments or gatherings, as well as recurring ones. For example, a client can use Garber to get to their annual physical, or use it to go to daily or weekly medical treatments like dialysis, radiation, or chemotherapy. They can also use it to go to a friend’s birthday lunch, or a weekly bridge game. We have a team of dedicated staff and volunteer drivers, many of whom have been driving with us for years.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a ride?
Clients should request rides at least one business day (24 hours) in advance. This gives us time to create a schedule to ensure that everyone gets where they need to be on time.

Is it safe – what are the COVID-19 safety protocols?
We added a number of safety measures that have enabled us to continue providing rides throughout the pandemic. Currently, all drivers continue to wear masks. In addition, we also have clients wear masks, and sit in the backseat to provide social distancing. At this time, we also achieve physical distancing by typically driving just one passenger at a time.

How much does it cost?
We use a sliding-fee scale, based on income, to establish our fees. We drive people from all income levels. There is no upper-, or lower-limit. We receive public and private funding to help offset the costs of the program.

Do you need to be a senior to use Garber Transportation?
No. There is no age limit for Garber Transportation.

How is this different than an Uber or a cab?
We are a non-profit agency and our service is very client-oriented and personal. Most of our drivers have worked for JFCS for many years. We put a premium on customer service. We want all of our clients to feel safe, comfortable and cared about when we drive them. We call all of our clients the day before their scheduled ride and confirm the time and the name of their driver for the following day. We also offer door-to-door service.

For more information on this safe and reliable service, call 952-542-4868.