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If you lost your job or are working in a position that doesn’t fit your skillset, JFCS Career Services is here for you. Our employment counselors will help you identify your career goals; find the training you need; build your résumé and interview skills; and find the best position for your needs. Most of all, they will be there for you every step of the way, offering highly professional support and encouragement.

JFCS Career Services is FREE, and we serve clients of all backgrounds. You don’t need to be Jewish to utilize our services, and we work with clients from entry- to executive-level positions. It is easy to connect with us – simply complete our brief career interest form. Our office is centrally located in Golden Valley and our highly trained employment counselors provide in-person and virtual services.

“The Dislocated Worker program gave me an opportunity not only to get a new job with better pay and full benefits, but to have a career with a great future and excellent growth potential.”

Emma, Content Management Specialist
Lost job as a barista during pandemic; completed IT training program in web development  

Abdi drove a cab before the pandemic and enjoyed the flexibility of the position. With assistance from the Dislocated Worker program, he obtained his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) certification and got hired as a delivery driver, a position that comes with excellent benefits, which he didn’t have previously.

Tammy Dickinson, Career Pathways Manager for the City of Minneapolis, said JFCS is a key partner in the work of MSP TechHire and is helping to increase the number of skilled IT workers in Minneapolis. “The JFCS staff members that I work with are so talented and dedicated,” she said. “They offer quality service to the students from the initial intake and screening, as well as during training, and after graduation. I believe JFCS is the glue that holds the program together.”

What will it mean for you?

• In 2021, 87% of our clients found new employment at average wage of $31/hr and 83% completed credentialed training.

• IT Pathways clients reported average wage increases of $5.70 per hour (from $13/hr to $18.75, on average). And our clients keep their jobs – 85% of our clients are still working in that position one year after they exit our programs, as opposed to a 78% statewide average.


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