Q&A with JFCS Employment Counselor Anna Ferdelman

JFCS’ full array of Career Services helps job seekers prepare for success in today’s competitive job market. Our programs empower people to explore and identify their visions of career success. Whether you are a recent graduate, recently unemployed or looking for a new job, JFCS Career Services can help you achieve career satisfaction by helping you make deliberate decisions at a critical point in your work life. JFCS Employment Counselor Anna Ferdelman discusses these topics below:


What services do you provide as an Employment Counselor?

Anna: I coach active job seekers by helping them retool and re-enter the workforce. Whether it’s from a layoff, coming back from retirement, wanting a career transition or working with a recent graduate, I provide the tools necessary for my clients to succeed and feel comfortable with the job search process. Services I provide are employment plan development, résumé and cover letter development, coaching in networking and interviewing, job search tips and strategies, career exploration, and administering career assessments.


What services do you find clients are most grateful for when working with you?

Even though my clients feel more confident with their job search after I help them with technical skills like résumé writing, interviewing skills, their elevator speech and more, it is often the personalized and holistic aspect of simply listening to their story and providing support that makes them most grateful.


Most clients I work with don’t have the opportunity to talk through their emotions surrounding the job search with someone at home. Whether they live by themselves or do not want to put the burden of their emotions on a loved one, they confide in me. I make sure they feel heard and understood, as this is a necessary step before they can truly immerse themselves into the job search.


Being unemployed is not easy and I feel it’s becoming more difficult. Job seekers are having to be more resilient, so having unbiased support is crucial. I pride myself in being that support system for them. I want to be their cheerleader throughout the entire job search process. It can be a bumpy ride, but I am right there with them.


What do you enjoy about working with recent graduates?

Working with recent graduates is like starting to work on a blank canvas – the beginning is the most important. It is their first experience with the professional world, so they act like sponges soaking everything in. I know I did! They are new to the industry, so there is a lot to learn, mentally and emotionally. Even though today’s learner will have approximately 14 jobs, it’s still important for recent graduates to get into the industry that is best suited to them, so they can continue to grow in that field versus hopping around trying to figure it out for years to come.


One study said that only 20 percent of professionals work from their strengths. This type of statistic is what inspires me to dive deeper with my clients to help them reveal their passions, natural strengths, aptitudes, personality traits, and more. It has to start with self-discovery. Commitment and energy come from passion. People want to be inspired. Some of them just don’t know it yet, and that is what I am here for.


What do you like most about your job?

Sharing the excitement with my clients when they find out they got the job they desired and deserved. It’s so rewarding when I see my clients’ hard work finally paid off, and I love to share the enjoyment with them. It truly makes my day when they achieve their goals.


I am also passionate about career exploration, as it is an enjoyable journey to take with my clients. Typically, it starts off slow and apprehensive. However, after a little self-discovery and an increase in confidence, they become more energetic and optimistic. The process is inspiring to watch!


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