From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: December 2019

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper Reflections at the end of the year I recently read the following quote: “Wisdom isn’t a quick fix, achieved by Googling or asking Siri for the answer. Wisdom comes through life experience and the sharing of those experiences through the stories we tell.” I’d attribute these thoughtful wo[...]

Looking back at a career in healing

Judy Marcus retires as JFCS’ Healing Program Coordinator after 22 years Though Judaism is thousands of years old, the modern-day concept of Jewish Healing Centers doesn’t go back that far. The National Center for Jewish Healing (NCJH) was established in 1994 in response&n[...]

Is it really the “most wonderful time of the year”?

Tips for getting the most joy out the holiday season By Leah Persky • Family Life Education Manager So many of us begin planning for and thinking about the busy winter holiday season many months before it officially begins. We see the holiday decorations up in stores beginning the day after[...]