The parent coach is in: Compassion and safe-keeping during challenging times

By Leah Persky, PhD & Certified Family Life Educator • Family Life Education Manager What are parents dealing with lately? Well, a lot! They are agonizing over questions of safety; childcare; figuring out how best to engage in physical distancing this summer; thinking about how we can educ[...]

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: July 2020

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper Most of us are familiar with the famous line from Confucius that says, “May you live in interesting times.” How very true for what has become known as “The time of COVID.” One day, we will look back and recall how our “normal” lives were suspended. We might also feel some disbelief at t[...]

Introducing new NextGen Coordinator Alyson Jones

Alyson Jones is the new JFCS NextGen Coordinator. NextGen provides opportunities for young adults ages 21-36 to develop leadership skills and deepen connections to JFCS and its mission through social and volunteer experiences and philanthropy. Alyson recently spoke about why she’s excited to step[...]

Volunteering: PJ Library Coordinator Carrie Fink on the program’s volunteers

What is PJ Library?PJ Library is an international award-winning program designed to strengthen Jewish identity by sending Jewish-content books and music on a monthly basis to children from age 6 months through 12 years. PJ Library has expanded to 6 languages, 27 countries, and added a very popular [...]

Volunteer Spotlight – July 2020: Gloria Murman

(Gloria is pictured above volunteering for Hag Sameach with her daughters and granddaughters) What’s your current volunteer role at JFCS? And in what ways have you volunteered with JFCS in the past? Before the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, I was volunteering in Development one afternoon eve[...]

Helping our neighbor, PRISM, as needs increase

Food Box Packing and DistributionWe are are continuing to provide extra support to our neighboring agency, PRISM, to supply it with volunteers that can help respond to the growing food needs in the community. PRISM has moved to a new model of distributing food in pre-packaged boxes from its parking[...]

How to talk to your white kids about racism

Talking to kids about racism By Natalie Oleson • JFCS Counselor It has been a tough couple of months. Like many of you, I was left reeling after video footage surfaced of a police officer killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck. I was especially struck by the calm and relaxed demeanor the officer had, as if he was co[...]