Volunteer Spotlight – July 2020: Gloria Murman

(Gloria is pictured above volunteering for Hag Sameach with her daughters and granddaughters)

What’s your current volunteer role at JFCS? And in what ways have you volunteered with JFCS in the past?

Before the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, I was volunteering in Development one afternoon every other week. I will continue to do that as allowed by JFCS. My family and I have been volunteering for Hag Sameach by doing gift wrapping and gift wrap cleanup each year for many years, including my young granddaughters who look forward to helping out each year. I delivered Passover gift bags for a couple of years. My husband (who passed away in 2014) was a gift wrap volunteer for Hag Sameach too and he and I were volunteers for the Annual Benefit for several years to help with setup at the hotel the morning of the event. I have also been calling to solicit prizes for the Online Auction and $100 pull events for the Annual Benefit for a number of years as well, and I am in the process of calling for prizes for our 2020 event now.

What motivated you to volunteer with JFCS?
I was an employee at JFCS for over 13 years working in Family Life Education and the Development Department and as the Hag Sameach assistant, before retiring in April 2018. After starting to work at JFCS, I saw how wonderful the organization provided services to its clients and wanted to volunteer to help as much as I could and include my family as well.

How long have you been volunteering with JFCS?
I think I started volunteering with Hag Sameach when I started helping as the Hag Sameach administrative assistant in about 2007 and connected my family to Hag Sameach at that time.

Tell us about your volunteer experience with JFCS.
I have enjoyed everything I have done as a volunteer at JFCS. I especially loved being able to include my family. I feel so appreciated by all the staff who run the programs where I spend my time.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering with JFCS?
Having been an employee and after retiring, I found that volunteering has helped to keep me connected to JFCS in a meaningful way, which made my transition to retirement easier. When I asked about volunteering and decided I would continue to help in Development my reply was “So you want me to do things I did as a paid employee, but for no pay.” We laughed when I accepted that volunteer offer.

Anything else to share?
I look forward to the time when I can actually be back in the office helping in Development. JFCS is such a wonderful place to work, donate and especially volunteer.

For more information about becoming a JFCS volunteer, contact Dana Shapiro, Community and Volunteer Engagement Coordinator & Intake Counselor at dshapiro@jfcsmpls.org or 952-417-2112.