Volunteer Spotlight September 2023: Julie Jacobs

Volunteer Spotlight Can you tell us about yourself and your background? I have four children and eight grandchildren and relish any time I spend with them. I received my Master of Social Work at Ohio State. I had a private psychotherapy practice in Columbus, Ohio, for eight years. My family and I moved to Minneapol[...]

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: September 2023

Judy Desk blog - laptop with plant and coffee cup Food and the month of September seem to go hand-in-hand. As kids return to school and busy schedules, the amount of food they consume is evident in family budgets. Our tastes turn from cold and creamy deliciousness to hearty and savory comfort foods. Jewish holidays at this time of year – in addi[...]

How much time are we spending online!? The importance of digital mindfulness

By Leah Persky, PhD & CFLE • Manager of Family Life Education Back-to-school time is in full swing and the transition to new routines and schedules can be a challenge, while simultaneously being a relief to children and their parents. Last month I wrote about the transition from summe[...]

Second-hand smoke exposure and the legalization of marijuana

By Lili Jurayj • Addiction and Recovery Services Program Coordinator If you went to the Minnesota State Fair this year, you might have noticed the pesky clouds of smoke wafting through the air, even in designated non-smoking areas. It's a common sight these days, and it's not just tobacco smok[...]