Alcohol consumption and its effect on our immune system 

By Lili Jurayj • Addiction and Recovery Services Program Coordinator As we embrace the festive spirit and brace ourselves for the flu season, it's worth reflecting on the ways our daily choices shape our well-being. Amidst all the holiday preparations, occasional indulgences, and the added res[...]

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: November 2023

Judy Desk blog - laptop with plant and coffee cup This time of year is often harried and frenetic with preparations for holidays. Many of us take on the heavy load of buying groceries, planning meals, preparing feasts, wrapping gifts, sending invitations, managing schedules, and much more. It starts with high anticipation and Hallmark images of pe[...]

Volunteer Spotlight November 2023: Ann Rubin

Can you tell us about yourself and your background? I'm a wife, sister, daughter, aunt, caregiver, friend, and community member. I cared for my mom during her 10-year adventure with Alzheimer's disease, until her passing in 2021. I've worked as an executive assistant for the last 20 years. In th[...]

Digital mindfulness for family well-being

Digital well-being By Leah Persky, PhD and CFLE • Professional and Community Education Manager The now months-long Hamas-Israel War and the tremendously challenging humanitarian crisis is hard to turn away from. You may find yourself increasingly turning to the  news for updates. Many people feel a sense of f[...]