Career Services’ IT Pathways program celebrates its first graduating class of UX Academy

UX Academy–Graduation-Group

Photo courtesy of Prime Academy

JFCS’ IT Pathways program is excited to celebrate the graduation of its first ever class from the UX Academy.

IT Pathways connects individuals with the needed resources and career services to prepare for success in IT jobs. Training and support are designed to build upon current knowledge and skills, moving individuals to the next level.

The UX Academy, which began in 2021, is a partnership with MSP Tech Hire, Right Track, and Prime Digital Academy. It offers an opportunity for young adults to explore the career pathway of user experience (UX) design.

IT Pathways often works with individuals who already have a job, but are making a career change into the IT field. However, in the case of the UX Academy, the participants are ages 18-24 and just starting their career. “It’s exciting that this is a younger group – it is really geared for people just getting in the work force. It’s a different model,” said Sue Thompson, IT Pathways Lead Employment Counselor.

As participants in the UX Academy, the students receive tuition, a stipend and a laptop. IT Pathways’ employment counselors provide assistance in the enrollment process as well as career services and resources for the students as they conduct job searches.

All the students in this first class completed UX Academy successfully and have been placed in paid internships. “We’re excited for this first class – the students we’ve worked with have really good plans in place,” Sue said.