Second-hand smoke exposure and the legalization of marijuana

By Lili Jurayj • Addiction and Recovery Services Program Coordinator If you went to the Minnesota State Fair this year, you might have noticed the pesky clouds of smoke wafting through the air, even in designated non-smoking areas. It's a common sight these days, and it's not just tobacco smok[...]

Navigating E-cigarettes: A guide for parents

By Lili Jurayj • Addiction and Recovery Services Program Coordinator E-cigarette use is on the rise in both teens and adults in the United States. This year, 5% of the total U.S. population admits to using vapes, with nearly 20% of that number being high school and middle school students. This[...]

Legalization of cannabis: What, when and where

Marijuana JFCS' Addiction and Recovery Services program aims to help educate public, staff about new law By Liliane Jurayj • Addiction and Recovery Services Program Coordinator On May 30, Minnesota became the 23rd state to legalize adult-use cannabis, with the new law set to take effect on Aug. 1[...]

JFCS is now a Naloxone Access Point

Naloxone Access point JFCS is excited to announce that we recently became a Naloxone Access Point (NAP), providing free life-saving overdose reversal medication, naloxone, and fentanyl test strip (FTS) kits. We have partnered with the Steve Rummler HOPE Network to help improve community access to these critical tools. T[...]

Substance use disorder is a family disease

Addiction and Recovery Services square By Liliane Jurayj • JFCS Addiction and Recovery Services Program Coordinator JFCS recently relaunched its Addiction and Recovery Services – new Program Coordinator Liliane Jurayj talks below about what services and resources the program provides: The new year symbolizes new beginnings –[...]

JFCS introduces newly designed Addiction and Recovery Services program

JFCS addiction and recovery services By Leah Persky, PhD & CFLE • Manager of Family Life Education & Addiction and Recovery Services We are pleased to announce the newly designed JFCS Addiction and Recovery Services program. The name change and program redesign demonstrates our commitment to serving the community with mea[...]

Reflections from an alcoholic during the COVID-19 crisis

The pandemic and social distancing measures it requires is challenging for everyone, but can be especially challenging for people in recovery and those who are battling substance addiction. This month we are featuring two columns that address these challenges and offer advice and resources. Below i[...]