From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: February 2024

Judy Desk blog - laptop with plant and coffee cup

February is a very fitting month for Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis. Lots of people associate February with hearts and Valentine’s Day. For JFCS, not only is February the month of our founding (Feb. 10, 1910), but hearts are at the center of our much-loved logo (the Star of David with the heart at the center) – which clearly illustrates the service we provide. We are proud to offer the most professional service with boundless compassion and heart!

When you consider that JFCS is often the first place people turn to for help with their hearts, you can understand that connection even more. While we are not competing with any cardiologists, who medically service hearts, we are the place people go for help with their hearts and heartaches stemming from loss, isolation, lack of connection, and loneliness.

JFCS can provide heartwarming volunteer opportunities for people who are seeking more meaning in their lives; for those who are on the receiving end of that kindness, their hearts are warmed by the decrease in isolation they may feel. JFCS Counseling and mental health services are a place where hurting hearts can receive insight, support, and education to mend the pain.

Our Jewish Youth Mentoring Program can offer an additional heart in the form of a supportive adult or teen to help a young life. PJ Library, Hag Sameach, and our many programs that connect people with our community are other examples of the heart-to-heart care we provide. JFCS financial assistance and our career services provide help in managing finances or landing a job that can lead to self-sufficiency and hearts that beat stronger and healthier.

Visit us at our offices and you will see our beating heart proudly displayed in our lobby. We want everyone who enters our space to feel welcomed and heartened. That’s true everyday of the year, and especially in February.