From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: July 2021

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper

Is there anything more fun to look forward to than the rituals we enjoy with each changing season? Soon we’ll be thinking back fondly on the buses pulling away with children on their way to summer camp; enjoying the great outdoors (and swatting mosquitoes); attending the always celebratory PRIDE festivities in Loring Park; and all the other wonderful ways we enjoy our too-short summer months.

However, how exciting is it to be thinking about the rituals of our amazing fall season? I am looking forward to enjoying a more communal High Holiday experience this year than what was possible last autumn. Once again, families like mine will gather around a table with apples and honey to ensure a sweet new year, and when we wish one another a “Happy and Healthy New Year,” we’ll do so with much more hope (and less trepidation) than we did last year.

As kids return to school and all the activities associated with childhood development, Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis is here to support family members. With the limitations imposed this past year by the pandemic, JFCS mental health, counseling, and Family Life Education staff are ready to answer questions, respond to concerns, and provide support. PJ Library staff and connectors are eager to hold more in-person events for families looking for social opportunities to connect with other young families, and eager to offer activities to support family holiday observance. Our Career Services staff is ready to help people facing barriers to employment get back to work after a long period of workforce disruption.

When we coined the phrase, “Here For All. Always,” we knew we meant to convey our ability to be responsive to people of all backgrounds, ages, and cultures. We never imagined that the “Always” part of that phrase would apply to being available when individuals and families need a little help caused by disruption such as COVID-19. Whatever you or someone you know is facing as we emerge from the pandemic, and as a new season approaches, remember to “Just Call JFCS”! Our professional and compassionate staff is ready to help.