Pride Inside!: LGBTQIA+ Jewish Pride While Staying in Place

Spring 2020 has been an especially weird and difficult one because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet amongst all of the very real challenges happening in our world, the response by our LGBTQIA+ and Jewish communities has been deeply moving. We have created ways to celebrate our Judaism; folks have gathered on Saturday nights with singing, dancing and connecting for Havdalah. We have been showing up for each other, helping each other find the resources needed to stay afloat. There has been so much beautiful connection, relationship, and care throughout our communities – even if so much of it has been virtual, connecting through computer and smart phone screens.

It’s nearly June, a time when we start planning celebrations, gatherings, and gearing up for a month laden with community traditions. This year will mark the 15th year since the Jewish community first joined together under the J-Pride tent at Twin Cities Pride. We realized quickly that we were creating a home for our queer Jewish community. Each year since, we re-discover reasons why we gather and how powerful it is to be together.

This year, in many ways, is no different. We are still together; we are still deeply connected with each other, even though it looks different than it did last year. Even though the format of Pride has changed – our celebration, our community, our love and joy – has not changed.

In 2020, we continue to create home just like we did 15 years ago. Our reasons for coming together remain the same. While we won’t be dancing the Hora down Hennepin Avenue this year, we are still rejoicing at how vibrant and powerful our LGBTQIA+ and Jewish community is. We look at the tools we have and build the best, most colorful, glittery, joyful stage we can.

We’ve built this stage to share our stories – through words, photos, art, dance, music and video. This is our showcase of how we celebrate ourselves, our identity, our Pride. This is our 2020 LGBTQIA+ Jewish community Pride Parade!

Please join the parade and celebrate with us in community ! You can submit your entries here:

Wishing you Chag Pride Sameach!