JFCS Career Services: September is Workforce Development Month

Workforce development positively influences economy for individuals and businesses


September is Workforce Development Month. Workforce development is an organized set of solutions to meet employment needs, and can address cultural, educational, and systemic challenges, which helps to positively influence the local economy for individuals and businesses.


Workforce development, an American approach to economic development, attempts to enhance a region’s economic stability and prosperity by focusing on people. It essentially develops a human-resources strategy. For workers, it helps them find and retain stable employment at living wages, creating financial security and stability for their families. For employers, it helps meet the workforce shortage by preparing more people for employment. Both of these things help build a stronger local economy that benefits everyone.


JFCS Career Services has several programs that support workforce development:

  • The Dislocated Worker Program helps people who have been laid off find new employment and offers training if their skills are obsolete.
  • IT Pathways helps people traditionally underrepresented in the IT field begin entry-level careers in IT through training and certification programs. This includes women, veterans, people of color, and people who have low incomes.
  • The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) assists those who are receiving public assistance obtain self-sufficiency through employment.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation helps those who have disabilities obtain and retain appropriate employment.


JFCS Career Services programs empower people to explore and identify their visions of career success, including access to or support for career training. For more information click here or call our Career Services Intake Line at 952-417-2111.