JFCS is now a Naloxone Access Point

Naloxone Access point

JFCS is excited to announce that we recently became a Naloxone Access Point (NAP), providing free life-saving overdose reversal medication, naloxone, and fentanyl test strip (FTS) kits. We have partnered with the Steve Rummler HOPE Network to help improve community access to these critical tools. These kits include intramuscular naloxone and/or fentanyl test strips, along with easy-to-read instruction cards to ensure safe usage.

Becoming an NAP point is in line with JFCS Addiction and Recovery Services’ support of the principles of harm reduction. The use of fentanyl test strip kits is a valuable tool in detecting fentanyl in drugs, mitigating the risk of an unintentional overdose. Additionally, intramuscular Naloxone can save a life by reversing the effects of an opioid overdose.

You can request these overdose prevention resources by emailing or calling our Addiction and Recovery Services Program. For more information on the program and resources related to overdose prevention and education, contact Liliane Jurayj, Addiction and Recovery Services Program Coordinator, at Ljurayj@jfcsmpls.org or 952-542-4837.