JFCS Parent Coaching Line: Helping you navigate parenting challenges during the pandemic

You have heard it before – we are living through unprecedented times. This may be one of the most challenging, important and memorable times of our lives. 

Parents have been thrown into the role of teacher, cook, cleaner, working-from-home professional, procurer of supplies, and so much more. We are each experiencing so many new challenges. All of these responsibilities on top of the most important goal of keeping our children and families safe and healthy while physical distancing can create stress and so much uncertainty. 

JFCS is here to support parents. Our Family Life Education program has created the JFCS Parent Coaching Line to meet your everyday parenting needs and challenges and help support you during this pandemic. Parent coaching provides tailored, empirically-supported, action-oriented, forward-looking support to address challenges you are facing. We do not diagnose conditions or provide therapy. While we are providing parent coaching for free during the pandemic, we do accept donations to JFCS to help fund this important service.

 Here is what to expect:

  • Our Certified Family Life Educator, Leah Persky, PhD, will respond to your call within one business day.
  • Free and confidential parent coaching will be provided.
  • We offer access to a large database of referrals to meet your needs within the Twin Cities.
  • This service is available to all parents regardless of gender, religious affiliation, economic status, or location.
  • Calls last up to 30 minutes.

Here are a few examples of issues we can assist with:

  • Managing online schooling and dealing with online schooling concerns
  • Dealing with tantrums
  • Managing sibling rivalries and bickering
  • How to manage self-care during the stay-at-home order
  • Co-parenting during a pandemic
  • How to talk to your children about the pandemic in age-appropriate language

Call 952-546-0616 and leave a message with your name and contact information. We will return your call within one business day.