New building gives JFCS Counseling program a state-of-the-art home

Counseling offices designed to be warm, comfortable and private


JFCS was proud to offer the highest quality of care in counseling and other mental health services at its previous location. Nevertheless, when JFCS moved into its Minnetonka location in 1998, it had to use the building as it existed and work its programs and services into the space. As a result, our therapists’ offices didn’t have all the amenities our staff would have picked if they were designing the building from scratch.


However, that is exactly what our staff was able to do when designing our space in the new building we moved into last month. JFCS’ new counseling offices are located together in a brand new, state-of-the-art home, designed to ensure a high-level of privacy for clients. Counselors’ offices are intended to be warm and comfortable. The counseling program features a room specifically designed for children’s therapy as well.


“We want to be able to serve people across the entire life span,” said Jill Kozberg, Counseling Program Manager. “We are excited to have this new space that is designed to serve everyone from seniors to children and families.” The counseling offices also include features for training new therapy professionals, which will strengthen JFCS’ role as a leader in this area.


When therapy clients come to JFCS for services, Kozberg said, they are getting a level of service – in breadth and depth – that they cannot receive at a private practice. By breadth, she means that JFCS offers counseling services for people of all ages, at all of life’s stages, including children, newlyweds, older couples, seniors, etc. And by depth, she means that JFCS as an agency offers dozens of services that can supplement counseling, including career services, financial assistance programs, senior services, and much more.


“Our agency is designed to be a client-centered, one-stop shop for services, with the amenities of a private practice,” Kozberg said.


Ruth Paley, Clinical Services Director, said JFCS’ counseling clients always receive holistic, comprehensive services, which is what sets it apart from other counseling practices.


“We now have a state-of-the-art home to match the high-quality of care and professionalism that JFCS’ counseling services have always offered,” she said. “Counseling has been around for our entire 108-year history. Having the opportunity to design our space in the new building allowed us to ensure our staff has everything needed to best serve our clients.”


If you or someone you know would benefit from our counseling or other mental health services provided with boundless compassion, call 952-546-0616.