Practice makes perfect for Career Services client

We’ve all heard the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” The story of Annie, a JFCS Career Services client, definitely proves that to be true.

She was out of a job when she first came to JFCS and wanted to find work quickly to support herself and her family. While she looked for a job, Annie took a temporary position just to pay the bills. She described herself as a “mature” jobseeker.

Annie’s Employment Specialist, Jan, provided myriad assistance in her job search and assured her that maturity was an asset she needed to use to her advantage. Annie’s determination was exemplary and she took advantage of many opportunities offered by JFCS Career Services.

Besides working one-on-one with Jan to brush up her résumé and LinkedIn profile, they also sharpened her elevator pitch and interview skills. Jan was there to coach her through every difficulty and self-doubt. Annie took classes and attended the JFCS Networking Group, which boosted her confidence and made her realize how much value she could bring to an employer.

Soon Annie had what she thought was a great job with a good salary, but over time realized it was not the job she hoped for. Nevertheless, JFCS is always there for our clients. When Annie decided to start a new job search, Jan and all of our services were there for her again. Annie and Jan met numerous times for career coaching, updated her résumé and practiced the skills she needed to find a permanent position that fit with her goals and talents.

With assistance from JFCS and her own will to succeed, Annie has now secured a great position that offers terrific benefits and a family-sustaining salary. Annie had to overcome a lack of confidence due not only to her age, but also many disappointments in her career, and has now found job satisfaction.

At JFCS we know individuals need someone who will listen to their hopes and dreams, despite the roadblocks that can get in the way of success. We offer compassionate professional services that are tailored to the individual. As Annie discovered, JFCS can provide a partner who will work with you to achieve your employment goals. To get started, click here!