Caring Connections members relish opportunity to give back to community

Caring Connections Volunteer Group By Stacey Spencer • JFCS Disability Services Manager Caring Connections members – Jewish adults with disabilities – love to get together for events! I mean, they really like attending Caring Connections events. Who wouldn’t? After all, having a designated time to hang out and do cool thi[...]

Volunteer Spotlight June 2023: Marlene and Jack Spencer

Marlene and Jack Spencer Can you tell us about yourselves and your background? We are retired now, but we were happy to help out with JFCS even when we had jobs. It never conflicted with our personal work. What JFCS programs do you volunteer with and how long have you been volunteering with JFCS? We have been [...]

Caring Connections brings the party to the party!

By Stacey Spencer • JFCS Inclusion Program Manager   Caring Connections is a JFCS program that provides valuable opportunities for people of all abilities to participate fully in Jewish life. It leads the Twin Cities Jewish community in becoming a more inclusive and welcoming space wher[...]