Resiliency and positivity in the new year

By Leah Persky, PhD & Certified Family Life Educator  • Family Life Education Manager This year has been one of the hardest times in recent memory for millions of Americans and people across the globe. The challenges we have faced and will continue to face in the months ahead are almo[...]

How to talk to your white kids about racism

Talking to kids about racism By Natalie Oleson • JFCS Counselor It has been a tough couple of months. Like many of you, I was left reeling after video footage surfaced of a police officer killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck. I was especially struck by the calm and relaxed demeanor the officer had, as if he was co[...]

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: June 2020

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper During challenging times, JFCS provides resources while advocating for change Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis’ mission has tremendous relevance for the challenging times we are experiencing. We proudly say that we provide essential service to people of all ages and ba[...]