JFCS’ Kosher Meals on Wheels program is one of many showing ‘results’

By Annette Sandler • JFCS Aging Services Director   Meals on Wheels has been in the news a lot in recent days. The current administration’s proposed cuts to funding for Meals on Wheels programs and budget chief Mick Mulvaney’s statement that grants for these programs were “not sho[...]

Hope for Caregivers

By Carol Shapiro   The Twin Cities Jewish Community Alzheimer’s Task Force is presenting a half-day conference that will provide education and support for caregivers and those supporting a loved one with dementia. The event, “Keeping the Spirit Alive,” will be held on Sunday, April [...]

Why do we need transgender inclusivity programming?

• By Ariel Ezekiel Zitny   Transgender inclusion is a verb, not an adjective. And for transgender people like myself, it is a crucial component in our feelings of belonging and safety. Many people think to themselves, “We are already inclusive. We would never turn someone away becaus[...]

An Unexpected Gift Significantly Impacts the Lives of Others

By Dana Rubin • Development Director   In early December of 2016, Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis (JFCS) received a call from a prospective donor. We were unfamiliar with his connection to JFCS, and in fact, he lived nearly 60 miles from the Twin Cities. He share[...]

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: March 2017

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper What does the term “basic needs” mean to you? I imagine many of us would say clean air and water, access to quality healthcare, good schools, green space for recreation and affordable housing, to name a few.   One additional item to add to that list is nutritious food. March is Minnes[...]

JFCS to participate in Good Deeds Day April 2

By Deb Savitt • Community Involvement Manager   Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition of good deeds. All over the world, hundreds of thousands choose to volunteer and help others, putting into practice the simple idea that every single person can do something good, be it large or small, to [...]

Hunger in Our Midst

By Clare Gravon, JFCS Food Security Program Coordinator   Sometimes a basic need such as having enough food to eat is the most pressing concern of the people we serve at Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Minneapolis (JFCS). One in 10 Minnesotans is food insecure on a regular basis[...]

Renewing Life – an educational and emotional support group

Are you struggling with a chronic disease such as MS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia or Diabetes? Have you been diagnosed with cancer? If so, you and or your family member caregivers may want to participate in an upcoming series called Renewing Life (RL).   Renewing Life is a nine-week educational/s[...]