Longtime prize donors of JFCS’ Annual Benefit share why they always make sure to support event

JFCS is blessed to have hundreds of prize donors who participate in our Annual Benefit’s Raffle, Online Auction and $100 Pull. Four long-time business supporters of our Annual Benefit are Continental Diamond, Max’s jewelry store, Coordinated Business Systems, and Travel One. JFCS recently reached out to these businesses to ask why they support our Annual Benefit each year:


Continental Diamonds

Revital Furman, Continental Diamond’s Director of Sales and Strategy, said supporting the JFCS Annual Benefit each year is an easy decision because it brings together hundreds of community members of all ages to celebrate what a caring and supportive Jewish community we have here in Minneapolis. “By supporting this event, we have the chance to align our family values with our corporate values and give something back to a community we care about,” she said.


She added that Continental believes everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue health, happiness and success. “JFCS has a pulse on the needs in our community and provides services that offer a hand up to people in need while treating them with the dignity and respect they deserve,” Furman said. “They believe in people, and we do too.”



Ellen Hertz, owner of Max’s, said her company believes in the power of individual and business investment to make the world a better place. “When all in our community don’t have the opportunity to reach their full potential, we are all affected,” she said. “The mission of JFCS is in complete alignment with this belief.”


She added that Max’s was proud to support the JFCS Annual Benefit each year. “The Benefit is vitally important in raising money that is needed to make critical, tangible differences in peoples’ lives on a daily basis,” Hertz said.


Coordinated Business Systems

Coordinated Business Systems and its owners Jim and Donna Oricchio have been supporting the JFCS Annual Benefit since 1994, nearly since the inception. In addition to being the Online Auction Sponsor, Coordinated Business Systems donates Twins tickets for our Online Auction and something special each year for our Raffle.


The Oricchios have attended most of the Annual Benefits over the last 23 years and always look forward to the event. “We like to support JFCS because of all the great work it does,” Jim said. “It helps people from all religions and backgrounds in a committed and un-selfish way.”


Travel One

The Sigel/Neuman Family – Sheila Sigel, Steve Neuman and Bill Neuman – and their business, Travel One, have also supported the Benefit for many years. The three siblings said that JFCS was the favorite non-profit organization of their mother, Corky Neuman.


Corky worked many years as a volunteer for JFCS, organizing events and parties, driving for seniors, and helping whenever or wherever needed. She was also a proud recipient of the Spirit of JFCS Award, the highest honor given to a JFCS volunteer.


“Our parents have been great role models, teaching us the importance of volunteering our time and financially supporting local Jewish charities,” the family said. “It is a pleasure for Travel One to be a long-standing supporter of the JFCS Annual Benefit. The good work of JFCS is an inspiration and serves as a guideline for our own family values.”