Jewish Youth Mentoring Program Featured Mentee: Jonah, 15

By Becky Lyle Sulkin • Jewish Youth Mentoring Program Manager The Jewish Youth Mentoring Program (JYMP) is excited to feature Jonah, a 15-year-old mentee who has been patiently awaiting his perfect mentor. Jonah is an intelligent and adventurous young man who is looking forward to connecting w[...]

How to talk to your white kids about racism

Talking to kids about racism By Natalie Oleson • JFCS Counselor It has been a tough couple of months. Like many of you, I was left reeling after video footage surfaced of a police officer killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck. I was especially struck by the calm and relaxed demeanor the officer had, as if he was co[...]

Jewish Youth Mentoring Program’s Featured Mentee: Stella, 11

Stella enjoys theater, camp activities, bowling, rollerblading, "The Avengers" and more! After our success with finding a match for our first Featured Mentee, we are eager to do the same for Stella! Stella is a brand new participant in the Jewish Youth Mentoring Program. She is eager to c[...]

Seeking mentor (MUST love sports!)

Meet Miles ­– a 7-year-old participant in the Jewish Youth Mentoring Program, who is waiting for his perfect mentoring match. Maybe it could be you! Miles lives in Woodbury with his mom, older brother, and twin sister. He is in second grade at Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School and his fami[...]

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper: October 2019

From the Desk of CEO Judy Halper JFCS programs and services designed to address development needs for youth of all ages  It’s hard to believe that a new school year has been in session for already two months. In fact, the unofficial fall break, better known as MEA (Minnesota Education Association) weekend has come and gone, [...]

Introducing the Jewish Youth Mentoring Program

JYM Mentoring program's new name reflects unique service it offers community   By Becky Lyle Sulkin, MSW, LGSW • Jewish Youth Mentoring Program Coordinator   JFCS is excited to announce that the Jewish Big Brother/Big Sister Program (BB/BS) is now the Jewish Youth Mentoring Program[...]